Custom Velcro Patches Promote Business!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.49.10 PMVelcro, a loop and tape technology, has revolutionized the fastener industry. Initially, it became popular when used in the space program during the 1960s. Since then velcro has become an integral component of many products including customized patches.

As businesses and organizations became aware of the versatility of this amazing product, it usability has extended to unlimited applications. Custom velcro patches became popular with the United States military. and law enforcement, sports teams, hospitals, etc. Its use is endless. Even the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association recommend velcro fasteners.

Smart entrepreneurs recognized the marketing potential of custom velcro patches to promote their business and have integrated its use into every imaginable consumer product. The application of this market-dominating product is endless. This innovation has enhanced products for both large and small companies. Because Velcro is a safe, reliable fastener that is easy to use and is appropriate for just about every application where a bond is needed, it has proven ideal for custom patches.

Another consideration is the reasonable price of these patches, and the fact they can be customized for your business or organization in any color or shape. Click here for more information for ordering quality custom patches at an affordable price.

The Unlimited Potential Of Velcro

patchThe many uses of Velcro allow for some very innovative applications. Consumers would find it hard to find an item that has not been enhanced by the use of this amazing product.

We all know how much easier it is to have Velcro on children’s shoes rather than tying shoelaces all day. In addition, senior citizens benefit from the convenience of Velcro to make their daily routine more manageable.

Velcro became popular when used by NASA in the Space Program during the 1960’s to keep items in their places during the space flights. NASA often receives credit for developing this technology, but it was in fact invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss electrical engineer.

Velcro is used by the military especially for custom patches. Police, fireman, and all community personnel use Velcro on their uniforms to denote pertinent information. The application of Velcro is only limited by your imagination.